A Girl of Your Past

Dear You,

I can’t believe I actually went to see you.

When I first saw you, I was so nervous because I have forgotten how you looked. It was a little awkward because we were meeting again after 6 year. I couldn’t believe it. Time flew by and we changed but despite it all, you still gave me the butterflies.

You asked for my duffle bag and we headed toward the train station and everything felt normal. It was as if time never passed since we picked up where we left off years ago. It felt really good to talk to you in person again and catch up.

I won’t deny that we still care about each other, but we are just at two different point in our live. We are just doing our own thing.

We have a unique friendship.

You told me you broke up with your ex and wished what I had with you, you could have with her, but since you couldn’t you called it off. We did have something special. I said to you, “Sweetie, you can never have the relationship you had with me with someone else, because let’s face it we still care about each other and there’s still something here”. You replied, “I won’t lie, I still care”.

We only broke up because you wanted me to have fun in college and didn’t want to be the reason to hold me back.

You are still young and want to live that party life. You told me you don’t want to be in a relationship but want to have fun so that when you are married, you will be settled and faithful. You always was a big flirt, so I don’t blame you. I always love your charming personality. You were Mr. Cocky for a reason.

Joking I told you, “we will meet again in six years” and you replied, “Good because by then I will be settled, mature and ready. I responded “who know what will happen, only time will tell but if you get marry just invite me to the wedding”.

At the end of the day I’m glad we are still friends because we always have a good time together. We went out and you was my wingman and I was your wing woman. I sensed the jealously when you noticed I didn’t need a wingman. Your reaction of “you can have her” was priceless. Don’t worry, I’m not going nowhere.

I don’t know if you recall but you got drunk Saturday night and whispered in my ears, “Who knows I might marry you because we are still close and there’s something still here”. My heart melted.

Everywhere we went people thought we were a couple. I guess the chemistry is still there and still strong.

It was an amazing weekend and the most fun I had in a while. It felt like old times, all I did was laugh and laugh. We weren’t an item but just friends, and I love every bit about it. I needed a friend and you was there to pick up my spirit. Thank you.

As much of a great weekend it was, it was also very sad for me. The saddest part was the reality of us; two people who still care for each other but aren’t together for whatever reason.

I text you thanks for a great weekend, see you in a few years and have best of luck and you reply same to you.

When I read your reply, I was really happy. It was as if that was the closure I needed from you after all these years. It was the reassurance that we won’t get back together. No matter what we will always care for each other but that weekend put an end to what we were always wondering; if we still care and if there would be part two.

Even though we were young when we dated, I want you to know that I really loved, valued, and appreciated our relationship. It meant a lot to me. We were young and in love. Everything was perfect. But I guess everything happens for a reason. But as we always say, “It’s all good memories, nothing to erase, only to keep. TQM”.

At the end you told me you aren’t coming back home to Boston. I always thought you would come back for me but I finally understand why you can’t. You made a life in New York and it’s your future while I was your past, a good one at that.

I can’t do nothing but wish you the best and hope we can always be friends. At least I got to see you one last time.


The girl of your past













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