How Do You Know When It’s Over?

Dear You,

You had once asked me, “How do you know when it’s over”? I didn’t know where to start, I just knew it was a feeling you get. All I could say to you was, “You just know. You will feel it”.

I hope you ask me again because this time I will have an answer for you.

I will tell you it’s over:

When you are listening to music and memories of the person doesn’t appear

When you no longer understand the lyrics because they are just a bunch of words

When you don’t cry when listening to music because you can’t relate anymore

When you no longer reminisce about the bittersweet memoires you had together

When you don’t long for the person to be right next to you or by your side

When you don’t wish you can kiss and hold that person again

When you don’t stand at the door, hoping they would suddenly appear

When you don’t sit by the phone eagerly expecting a text or a call from them

When you don’t hold their words or them accountable

When you no longer have sleepless night

When you don’t wake up throughtout the night with bad dreams about them

When you don’t have anxiety anymore

When you don’t cry anymore because you are all cried out

When you don’t care to make an effort to try

When you no longer have any expectations from them

When you aren’t exhausted from fighting the battle within yourself

Lastly, you will know it’s over when you become numb. When you don’t feel anything, and there’s no feeling of love or hope but emptiness. When you get there, that’s when you will know.

I am able to tell you these things because for a while now, I known it’s over for us. I just needed my heart to catch up to my brain.


Empty Person


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