It Wasn’t My Place, It Was Your Heart That Became Cold!

Sept. 27, 2015

Dear You,

Why don’t you come home anymore? I miss you. I wished you came home. You used to come home every night. I even recalled that night when you didn’t come home because you got too drunk and your friend left you in the car. Once I got a hold of you, you Facetime me to show me where you were, so I wouldn’t have worried.

But now I go hours worrying about where you are. I don’t get it, you have a home, why don’t you come home anymore? Why are you sleeping around like you are homeless? Why are you sleeping where you shouldn’t be?

I asked you, “Why don’t you sleepover anymore?” You replied, “Because it’s cold at my place.”

Is it because your heart became cold towards me? Is it because you don’t want to be here? Did you ever think I was cold all these nights without you? Did you ever think once how I felt? Why don’t you just admit to us both that it was cold for you because this wasn’t home for you anymore, that this wasn’t where your heart was.

It all make sense because that’s why you always felt cold when I hugged you. Your body use to be warm, loving, and I loved cuddling with you. Our bodies used to warm us up, our love. But now your body is ice cold and I am just burning you with my love.

Oh how I wish the old you can return but I know you are long gone.

I have to do the hardest thing; let go.

It still cold without you. Winter is coming. But I keep filling myself up with thoughts of us or what used to be us to keep warm.

I now know it’s not because my place was cold, it’s because you became a cold SON OF A BITCH!


The Freezing Me


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