Thank You For The Love

Dear You,

Every time I think about the feeling of being loved, I think about that night we were coming back home from Six Flags. We were both sleeping in the back row of my mother’s mini van.

You were hugging me and I fell asleep in your arm. Then there was a bump in the road and you held me closer. You hugged me very night and I woke you up to ask you to let me go a bit. You said “Sorry, I wanted to make sure you were still here”. I laughed and reply, “Where else would I go? The floor?”. You laughed and said, “Nowhere I just wanted to make sure you were here in my arms. I don’t want to lose you.”

I will never forgot that night. That moment you held me tight because you were afraid to lose me.

I want you to know when I think of the feeling of being loved. I think of the way you treated me so love. So kind to me and always full of love.

Thank you for showing me how great it feels to be loved. Thank you for setting my standard high.


Hopeless Romantic


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