In a Way You Fix Me But Somehow Broke Me

Dear You,

Isn’t it crazy how one person can alter your feelings?


We meet again, about a year ago and at that time I was a mess. I was numb to almost everything. I had a weight on my shoulder that I couldn’t seem to shake off. But just like that, a few words, a few hugs, a few kisses, and for some reason the weight was lifted. I felted like myself again. Your touch, your kisses, the rubbing of my back, everything you did put me on cloud nine. I felt like I was in a different world. You made me feel things I didn’t think I would feel again; loved.

But just as simple as a kiss, you broke me. You fix me and then you broke me. You left me broken. And you can’t even see that I am broken because of you.

One day the calls stopped, the kissed stopping, the hugs stop. It all ended abruptly. I didn’t understand why. My shoulders felt heavy again. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I missed you so much. I wanted you by my side. I wanted you to be you again.

What happened? Was it me? Was it you?

Why did you take your love again from me? Why would you fix me to break me all over again. Did you enjoy taking out my heart and stomping on it?


Confused Me


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