Your Side of The Bed

Sept. 19 1:50 PM

Dear You,

It’s crazy because before I used to always wondering if you were coming home to your side of the bed. I used to cry because I wouldn’t know if you would come back.

It’s crazy how I used to cried my outs to Your Side of The Bed by Trey Songs because I understood every word he sang.Every time you left it was my heart you were taking with you and I seriously didn’t want to sleep without you. It was lonely.

I used to cry every night for you. I wake up in the middle of the night tossing and turning,  imagining you here next to me. Telling myself it’s okay, sleep, he will come back. So just go back to sleep.

The worst happened, you didn’t come back. I wished you came back because you still had your side of the bed. I left it for you.

But today I remove your pillow and I am now sleeping in the middle. You know no longer have a side of the bed. I guess after all the time you neglected me, all the times you stayed out, all the times you wanted to act like you didn’t have a home, well now you really don’t have one.

There’s no side of your bed, and I no longer wished you were here. It was really hard sleeping without you but I guess after months of not having you around, your body gets tired of waiting, wanting something it can’t have.

You left me in the dark. Countless nights to sleep alone. After all the tears, I finally learned to sleep without you and can finally close by eyes without you by my side.

I hope you are now tossing and turning in your bed for me. As I used to yearn for your touch.

Good night.




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