You Finally Called

Sept. 17

Dear You,

After not hearing from you on my birthday. I told myself get up get dress and go enjoy the sun. As I am getting ready, my phone rings and it was you. I answered and you sang Happy Birthday but after the first line, the phone clicks. I would usually call you right back but this time I just put the phone down and went back to curling my hair.

You called 10 minutes later singing the whole Happy Birthday. You asked if I was home because you were coming to get me.

Fear of being disappointed again, I didn’t get excited. I remained calm. You had me waiting for two hours and I was so close to calling to cuss you out. But then I told myself, just wait. 10 minutes later the door bell rang and it was you. You walked in empty handed and shouted happy birthday. I was so upset with you I asked you to grab your things and leave. I couldn’t believe you didn’t get me a cake or anything.

You left the room and I laid in my bed, trying to hold back the tears. Then you came in with a small cake and sang happy birthday. My entire face lit up and I was trying hard to contain the smile. You said, “You didn’t think I won’t have a cake for you. Do you really think I’m a piece of shit that don’t listen or care?”. At that moment my heart was beating again. I instantly became happy.

You said, “Come on, let’s go we have a long day ahead of us”. I hesitated and reply I have another date. You said stop bullshitting and let’s go.

We got in the car and you gave me my card and me thinking you would screw up again by not writing something in the card. But you card me a really thoughtful card about appreciation and wrote something meaningful. My stomach was filled with butterflies and I leaned in to kiss you. I wanted to do more but you were driving.

You took me to Christopher’s in Cambridge and I asked to sit outside. We people watched, laughed, talked about our goals within the year and ate our burger. We both regretted not bringing the Henny to sip from. You even joke that you would hid it in the bushes when the waitress came around.

We drove home and while sitting in traffic you raps and sang many songs for me. We laughed and joke. We both waited for “It’s alright. If you wanna come with me, and fulfill your fantasy, baby in my hotel suite. And it’s ok, if you wanna party night ’til day, I will do anything you say. Just come to my hotel.”

It was amazing. I was happy and full of butterflies and that made me want you more. Today, you reminded me of all the reasons why I fell for you.

It was great but now the problem is that I am going to want more of you. I will want more of this behavior. But I know I can’t get it. It’s like you like to tease me, show me you do care and listen. Show me the lovable side of you but then you switch up like it’s nothing, leaving me in the cold.

I don’t understand. Can you explain?




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