I Still Believe

Dear You,

I was lounging and I Still Believe by Mariah Carey came on. I smiled for a second and thought of you.

It’s crazy how at one point whenever this song came on, I cried because the lyrics spoke to me. It’s true when you are sad you understand the lyrics.

When I used to sing this song, tears would start to form and it hits home for me when she sings “I know it’s crazy but you can still touch my heart. And after all this time you think I wouldn’t feel the same. But time have passed into nothing and nothing have change”. It’s crazy how I used to think we would find ourselves in love again.

We even had a five year plan. We were silly teenagers. The plan was that we would meet again in 5 years and we would be together. The details between didn’t matter, all that matters was this was our reassurance of being together again.

It’s now over 7 years and we aren’t together. So much for the five year plan. I can finally sing I Still Believe, and instead of tears in my eyes, I only have sweet memories of us together. I smile brighter now and I know we are both in a better place. We are living.

But who knows maybe one day we will find ourselves in love again.




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