12 Minutes Past

Sept. 16 12:12 AM

Dear You,

It’s 12 minutes past my birthday and I didn’t hear from you. No call, no text, no doorbell.

I shouldn’t have creep but I went on your IG page hoping I would find a shout for me. But instead I found a picture of you looking really happy. And I miss that smile.

I guess maybe we are better off without each other because it seems like you have that smile a lot more without me.  But can’t you see you are the reason I don’t smile anymore. I know we can make each other smile. I know we can if you want to.

But I guess this show you just don’t want it.

I opened the Henny bottle and took one shot for my birthday.

At 12 I was super sad to not hear from you but my sisters called and my girlfriend called. What would life be without them?

I don’t know why I am so caught up with you. Why can’t I get over you? I will pack your things in a bag. I am 26 now. I have to be a big girl. I have to really let you go.

I have to get my smile back because it seems like you already got yours back.




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