Saddest Part

July 10 3:05 AM

Dear You,

Looking back at it, the saddest part was that you left me and gave up on me, on us so quick. And never once did I ever give up on you, even when the times were tough.

Once she came back, you were so quick to leave. You didn’t even stop to think about my feelings. You didn’t have to to think twice when it came to her. You really let her come in and interfere with your feelings all over again, after all the progress we made.

You didn’t even think twice about us and what we had.
Not once did you pick me but that okay. You took my heart out and stomped on it. Now it’s time for me to pick up the pieces and move on.
Every time I let you back, you don’t realized I am slowly despising you. One day I will hate you but as of right now I’m too clouded with emotions of wanting to be with you to realized what you are doing to me.
I know in time I will heal and I will be okay. I will fall in love again. I will laugh louder. My smile will be bigger. Someone out there will know my worth.
But in time, I hope she’s the one because you lost a good one.

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