How Do You Break a Heart You Didn’t Break?

July 7 3:17 PM

Dear World,

How do you deal with a heart you didn’t break, let alone fix it?

I once tried  to fix a heart I didn’t break and in the end I only ended up breaking my heart. As I was sitting there trying to fix his heart, I couldn’t see that my own heart was slowly breaking. I didn’t noticed that I was cutting myself as I was attempting to put his broken pieces together.

I should of stuck to the plan and stay by his side while he fix his own heart. But I couldn’t stand to have had him fix it alone. I cared for him too much. It got to a point where his pain became my pain. Whatever he felt I felt too. It was as if we were one. We shared a deep connection and it’s harder and harder to let go.


Broken Hearted Girl


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